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ceu cd

Qty: Price: $199.00

On this CD you will find: The S.O.A.P. Format – Subjective Objective Assessment Plan The 7 components of an E/M and the documentation requirements Each KEY component will be broken down for easy understanding HISTORY: Chief Complaint, HPI (History of Present Illness) ROS (Review of Systems) PFSH (Past, Family, Social History) EXAMINATION: We will review and compare the 1995 and 1997 Documentation Guidelines. CLUES for selecting the appropriate examination bullet! MEDICAL DECISION MAKING: How and when to give credit for a diagnosis or test How to select the right risk level! Improve your auditing skills; don’t miss out on this opportunity to further your education and career!

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icd9cdsign ceu cd

Qty: Price: $199.99

This comprehensive ICD-9-CM Seminar Series educational CD has been designed by PHIA to provide you with a clear understanding of ICD-9-CM Coding. Any experienced Medical Coder, Medical Coding student or individual can use this tool for review, to test themselves in all areas of ICD-9-CM and is guaranteed to become an invaluable and essential resource for you in your day to day activities.  

This CD will provide you with invaluable information regarding the top 6 ICD-9 coding mistakes, tips, rules and regulations as they relate to every aspect of ICD-9-CM coding, Hypertension, Burns, Adverse Reactions, Diabetes, Pregnancy and more.

 Purchase of this hand on tool will provide you with 5 PHIA CEU’s, 5 AAPC CEUs.  Pre-approval through other organizations has been requested.

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op notes
op note

CEU Coding Scenarios:
   Are you close to your deadline regarding CEU requirements?  If so, this 5 pack of coding scenarios can help fulfill those requirements. 

Five Scenarios for $50 or $12 each they are ready to code and submit to PHIA.

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