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2010 ICD-9-CM Expert for Physicians, Vol. 1 & 2

Why settle for anything less than this premier ICD-9-CM resource? Ingenix experts add valuable resources and track regulatory and coding changes to bring you the 2009 ICD-9-CM Expert for Physicians, Volumes 1 & 2, a top-notch code reference that meets your coding needs. With critical coding and reimbursement edit alerts on one page, this Expert choice helps you comply with HIPAA, stay current with changes and work smarter. Reap the benefits of additional valuable resources at your fingertips while staying current with email alerts of changes to the ICD-9-CM code sets.


2010 ICD-9-CM Expert for Hospitals, Vol. 1 - 3

Ingenix experts add valuable resources and track regulatory and coding changes to provide this premier code reference that meets your professional coding needs. The 2009 ICD-9-CM Expert for Hospitals, Volumes 1, 2 & 3 includes new features and resources designed to simplify Severity of Illness and Present on Admission issues. Be completely HIPAA compliant using revised official coding guidelines, references for official advice from AHA Coding Clinic, coding instructions and conventions, as well as updated Medicare code edits. Work smarter with our hallmark color coding and intuitive symbols and integrate coding and reimbursement into a single task.


2010 CPT® Professional

The 2010 CPT® Professional is the official list of procedure codes and guidelines published by the American Medical Association. It includes more than 8,000 five-digit codes that designate physician-performed procedures and services.


2010 HCPCS Level II Expert

Timely and accurate profitable reimbursement is easy with the HCPCS Level II Expert. You are ensured the most complete code set available with this compilation from every source that generates HCPCS codes, including CMS, OPPS addendum B and the physician fee schedule. In addition to an expanded index and table of drugs, drug names appear right under the code descriptions to make it easier for you to find the code you need the first time to increase your efficiency, reduce your work load and speed you on your way.


2009 Desk Reference for Procedures

Be prepared for significant changes to CPT® with the 2009 Coders’ Desk Reference for Procedures, designed for use by coders, medical staff, payers and health care professionals. You no longer need to sweat the small stuff when you have this informative guide on your desk. The all-inclusive tool helps experienced coders identify the minute differences between and components of similar CPT® codes, enabling more accurate coding from operative reports and cleaner claims the first time. Use it to train new coders and medical staff in CPT® to reduce errors in code selection, improve understanding of the clinical meanings behind the codes and check billing and coding information for Medicare.


2009 Desk Reference for Diagnoses

Coders' Desk Reference for Diagnoses provides coders, medical staff, payers and health care professionals with a comprehensive and informative guide to a wide variety of commonly asked questions and definitions regarding the ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes. This reference allows the user to reduce the number of errors in code selection, understand the clinical meanings behind the codes, improve coding confidence by having essential coding tips and understand what specific information must be documented before assigning a code.


2010 DRG Expert

The 2010 DRG Expert is the essential resource you need to navigate the challenges of the new severity-based MS-DRG system. A trusted and comprehensive reference to the DRG classification system for 24 years, DRG Expert contains all the crucial information relative to DRG assignment.


Mosby's Medical Dictionary, Nursing & Health Professions

This dictionary is well known for its combination of relevant, thorough definitions and vibrant color illustrations and line drawings that illuminate all subject areas. More than just a dictionary, you'll also find a comprehensive anatomy atlas, numerous useful appendices, and a new companion CD-ROM featuring a medical spellchecker, audio pronunciations, and English-Spanish phrase translations. The new 7th edition is thoroughly up to date with current clinical information and over 5,000 new definitions.


Medical Language Instant Translator

This pocket-sized companion includes the tools needed to quickly analyze medical terms, accurately form medical plurals, understand clinical tests and diagnostic procedures, interpret medical laboratory tests, identify common prescription drugs and their uses, translate medical word parts to English, and translate from English to medical word parts. A quick reference, full-color anatomy orientation is included, as well as other helpful resources such as information on prescription drugs, diagnostic tests, abbreviations, and more.


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