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Please note, before adding membership to your shopping cart,
you will need to fax or mail the application under each type of membership.

Are you a member of another certifying organization?
If so, Grandfather - In without taking another exam.


Qty: Price: $95.00

Individual Membership

• Quarterly Newsletters
• Monthly E-News
• 15% Discount on Coding, Billing and     Management Books
• 10% Discount on Educational CD’s: E/M     Documentation Guidelines, ICD-9
    Coding, Specialty Coding, etc.
• 15% Discount on Workshops
• 10% Discount on Courses and Study     Guide Programs
• Coding Answer Center
• Online Ordering Center

Sorry, no discount on this item.

Qty: Price: $250.00

Corporate Membership

  • 15% off workshops
    (limited to 15 workshops per year)
    Ex: 1 person to 15 or 15 people to 1 workshop
    Value up to $447.75
  • Annual Roundtable Conference at member price for 3 staff members Value $225
  • 10% off all Diploma and Certification Courses and Study Guides
    (Limited to any three courses/study guides per year) Value up to $600.00
  • 10% Discount on Educational CD’s:  E/M Documentation Guidelines, ICD-9 Coding,        Specialty Coding, etc.
  • 15% off of all coding and medical books
    (Unlimited amount and no minimum purchase)
    St. Anthony, Medicode, Ingenix, Harcourt, W. B. Saunders, etc.
  • Proficiency testing for prospective employees in coding, billing, management or compliance.
    (1st one free, $75 each thereafter per year) Value $75
  • 10% discounts on baseline and quarterly chart audits. (No limit)
    Minimum Value $25 per provider
  • 10% off all on-site physician or staff education
Sorry, no discount on this item.

grandfather in

Grandfather In

You already hold a certification in coding, so you may be wondering why we would offer you ours... especially without having to take our exam!

PHIA firmly believes that holding certifications from more than one certifying body means that you want to expand your level of knowledge in this ever-changing field. By having the capability to utilize the educational tools offered by different organizations you become invaluable to your employer and higher in demand if you are actively seeking a new position. The CCP credentials will become an added asset to your career. We offer to our members, the only free Coding Answer Center in the country!

Includes PHIA Membership Plaque, Identification Card, Quarterly Newsletters, 10-15% Discounts on Coding, Compliance and Medical Books, Discounts on Workshops and Courses, Staff Specialists-Certified in Coding, Billing, Management & Compliance, Coding Answer Center.

In order to “Grandfather In”, your membership through the other credentialing organization must be current. To prove this, a copy of your membership card showing your status is in good standing must be submitted along with your application.

Please click here for the application that must be mailed or faxed in to PHIA

Sorry, no discount on this item.

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